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Frequently Asked Questions

Vests FAQ's

Q. What size am I and how do I know what size to order?

A. Taking measurements is very important in ensuring you get the right fit.  There is a size chart available on every Vest for both Boys and Men.

Q. How long until delivery of a Custom-made Vest?

A. We give a guideline of 3-4 weeks from payment, but Vests are usually delivered sooner than this.

Q. What is the price of a Custom-made Vest?

A. Our pricing varies, depending on the size required.  Infant sizes start at $34.95 and Men's sizes start at $49.95.


Q. If I wanted a different colour Polyester backing than what is shown with the Vest can I change it?

A. If it is a Custom-made Vest then most certainly you can choose which colour you would like from our range of colours.

Q. I am a tall man, so can I have a longer back length than what your size guide shows?

A. Yes, you certainly can.  As our Vests are all Custom-made, they are made to order, including longer or shorter lengths.

Q. My waist is larger than me chest or my chest is larger than my waist, so can the Vest be adjusted to fit?

A. Yes, we can accommodate most alterations to the sizing so please let us know your requirements and we will check with the factory.


Shirts FAQ's

Q. What is a French Cuff Shirt?

A. A French Cuff Shirt is a Long Sleeved Shirt that can either have buttons or can be tied with Cufflinks.  


General FAQ's

Q. If I need a larger quantity than what you have in stock, can I order more?

A. It will depend on what it is as many of our Neckties are end of run stock, so we only have a limited quantity and usually cannot get more stock.  Most other items can be ordered from our suppliers.

Q. Where are you located?

A. We are based on the Northside of Brisbane.

Q. Do you have a shop?

A. Not currently; we are purely an online store.