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Braces or Suspenders are a fashion statement that is back in style

Braces, also known as suspenders are used as an alternative to a belt, but can also make a great fashion statement as they come in many colours and styles.

There is usually either one or two straps at the back and two straps at the front.  The hardest thing with braces is ensuring you attach them in the right place on your pants.  

From your traditional colours or stripes, through to some alternate designs and colours, they can either look sophisticated or be a fun addition to your outfit.

Braces can make a statement or just add a little fun to your shirt and pants. 

Available in many colours and styles including:

  • Plain 
  • Patterned 
  • Piano Keys
  • Skulls

Delivery: Usually within 1 week from payment - these items are ready for immediate despatch.

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